jueves, 19 de julio de 2012


In this upside down world some people have overabundance of foods whilst others starve. The well-fed people have come up with a new religion. 

The followers tell us to worship food, to consider it like an idol. Certain veggies like broccoli and blueberries will make us live a longer and that some superfoods will save our souls.

All over Britain great temples to health foods are springing up like mushrooms and a new religion has been born. 

For the devoted worshippers of the new religion is more important what you don´t eat than what you actually eat.

The following film is about these new worshippers, men and women who believe they´ve discovered the healthiest diet on the planet. They are called "Raw Foodists". They don´t eat wheat, dairy, sugar, meat or fish and most important, everything they do eat is completely raw.

This is the new food industry invention to keep us dancing to the beat of their tune.

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